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  • Certified Public Accountant 

  • Certified Management Accountant 

  • Angel Investor

  • Deloitte Alumni

  • Member of Pennsylvania Institute of CPAs 

Founder & CEO

About Our Business

Lijia (Lydia) Zheng, CPA, CMA, MST, founded LZ CPA Services LLC to provide professional accounting services with customer care in mind. Founded and based in the Greater Pittsburgh Region, we now have clients from Midwest and China.  Before creating the company focus on small businesses and early-stage startups, Lydia spent a decent amount of time uncovering the challenges these businesses face. Through her previous experiences at Deloitte, Lydia values the client's financial needs. We think professional accounting and tax services are not just simple work performed than job payment, it is a process of financial awareness and education. It might be difficult for small business owners and first-time entrepreneurs to register the importance of financial management for a successful future, so LZ CPA has created a routine financial awareness method to help each client understand and pay attention to the small financial details. We believe it is the first step to business success. Don't worry, we will be working with you to create a plan to achieve it.


Besides customer-oriented services, LZ CPA values modern tools' technological convenience to day-to-day business operations. With shifting client needs throughout the ever-changing market, we continue to explore necessary tools to gradually promote the transformation of the traditional accounting service industry. For each business, we will create a fit management and service plan to deploy tools to maximize the security and real-time update of client information.

Our Unique

About Lijia (Lydia) 

"I will treat your business as my own and take care of your financials so you can focus on what you do best!"

After years of working for Deloitte, I started LZ CPA Services to help small businesses owner and entrepreneurs manage and grow their financial well-being and success in their business and personal lives. As a CPA and CMA, I have a strong accounting and tax background and provide clients with expert advice, professionalism, responsiveness, and peace of mind.

My vision is to create a client-oriented firm that utilizes modern technology to build a vibrant, collaborative partnership with my clients while adding value, excellence, and financial empowerment. 

I am an alumnus of the University of Wisconsin, where I earned my master's degree in Accounting. In addition to valuing the time that I'm with my family and friends, I love camping, reading, and community services focus on early childhood education and cultural diversity. 

Our Core Values

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